The Cape Sporting Rifle Club Range Rules

General Shooting Range Rules

  1. There will be a trained certified Range Officers on duty on standard range days.
  2. The Range Officer is responsible for safety on the range and anyone not following the Range Officers direction will be deemed unsafe and will be asked to pack-up and leave the range without prejudice.
  3. If a Range Officer deems your gun, ammunition, or equipment are unsafe; you will have to remove that item from the range.
  4. The Range Officer’s commands are to be obeyed at all times. If no Range Officer is on duty on the rifle range allow one person to take charge of the range while following Standard Range safety rules.
  5. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded.
  6. All members and guests will sign the club indemnity form and range log books.
  7. All firearms to be carried holstered or in a suitable bag that covers the entire firearm.
  8. Keep all firearms pointed strait up or straight down range only.
  9. All firearms will be benched or holstered (not handled) when anyone is downrange.
  10. Benched firearms are to be in an open safe condition, facing straight down range.
  11. Do not handle firearms behind firing line.
  12. Turning around with a firearm in hand is forbidden.
  13. Absolutely no horseplay at any time.
  14. Only targets approved by the Shooting Range Staff may be used.
  15. Eye and ear protection to be worn at all times, spectators included.
  16. Each member is permitted one guest.
  17. All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times
  18. We reserve the right to refuse service if intoxicated, disregard for rules, or not complying with Range Officer’s instructions.
  19. Clean up when you are done shooting.
  20. Spent casings and shells may be placed in the appropriate containers provided.
  21. All used targets, empty ammunition boxes or other garbage is to be taken off club grounds.
  22. Remove all live or misfired ammunition from the range.

Rules for Minors

  1. A minor is a person who is 15 years old or younger.
  2. A minor has to shoot with an adult present and the minor will shoot on the adult’s lane.
  3. An adult will stand within arm’s length of the minor while handling a firearm.
  4. The supervising adult has to concentrate on the minor if handling the firearm and CANNOT be reloading magazines, looking through a spotting scope, or shooting at another table.

Rules for Cease Fires

  1. No gun handling.
  2. No standing on the concrete or touching equipment on tables.
  3. You cannot bring a gun from your vehicle or to your vehicle during a cease fire.